Confident & Free

Confident & Free is whatever YOU desire for it to stand for in your particular life situation.

Whatever YOU desire…

Do you desire to be a part of a safe community that will stand with you while encouraging you in a positive manner? Do you want to be more adventurous? Be a world traveler? A better woman/mother/wife/daughter? Are you in a dead end relationship, friendship, business partnership, or job that you are afraid to leave or change and need a kick in the ass for some courage to be bold enough to do something about it? Do you also desire to get past the worry of how others may perceive your decisions?

Do you wish to overcome real life issues that are plaguing you in the areas of fear of abandonment, rejection, low self-esteem, low self-worth, or other debilitating issues affecting your quality of life?

Overcoming, conquering, and winning, this is what being Confident & Free really means!

Erica Aker


Erica Aker
Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to Inspire and Encourage Women

Our mission is to inspire and encourage women to live authentically and unapologetically while overcoming fears, societal programming, and eliminating barriers that
have hindered them from living a full and happy life.

Vision: Every Women has the opportunity to live to her fullest potential while standing tall, being
bold, and walking in freedom.

About the Founder of Confident & Free

Erica Aker was born an adventurous and bold spirit but somewhere along the way in life, totally lost herself. She was burdened with abandonment and rejection issues that followed her into her adult life resulting in low self-esteem, low self-worth, and depression.

The final straw was when Erica lost her older sister Audrey whom she had grown really close to. This form of abandonment along with two other major devastating deaths of a family member and church member spiraled her into a deep depression and doubt in

As this spiral continued, she met a person along the way that challenged her whole way of thinking and belief system. During this time she went through what many call a “Spiritual Awakening”. This process had her questioning life and everything around her. It created a purge by bringing up old hidden and buried hurts and pains that were never addressed and some of it forgotten about.

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As Erica navigated through this painful purge, she began to tackle her issues, reject former beliefs that were brought on by societal conditioning. She began to live her life selfishly, unapologetically, and authentically to her on personal beliefs. Many didn’t understand this change and even questioned some of her decisions calling her crazy
and a lunatic.

None of that mattered to her any longer, for once in a very long time, she actually felt
free. With this new found freedom came the confidence that she once held as a child.

The journey has been extremely painful but worth every step of the way.
Erica now helps other women and (a few smart men) in their aspiration to become bold, authentic, and transparent. Erica wants herself and everyone she crosses paths with to truly live their best life, and not use the phrase as a mere cliché that sounds good.