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60 Days 1:1 Life Transformation Coaching Package

Coaching Options

1:1 Personal Coaching. You have access to speak weekly with Erica, via video or phone chat, your choice. This will allow you to take a deep dive into your Transformation Journey with support standing by you every step of the way.


  • The ability to ask Erica questions and get answers in real time during your coaching sessions. If you are unsure or having a hard time adapting to the new you, Erica can offer valuable tips and wisdom.
  • (1) per day- Email access to ask questions during your 60 day Transformation Journey
  • (2) 15 minute Emergency calls are made available during your 60 Day Sessions for added support.
  • Surprise FREE Gifts after completing the 60 Day Life Transformation Coaching Program
  • 1 week of (1 email per day) access after completing program, for additional support

Do It Yourself (DIY) Coaching Course


  • You will have the ability to go through the 6o Day Life Transformation Journey course at your leisure. No hassle, no deadlines. Take 60 days or however many days you need to complete the course, it’s up to you!
  • Get your questions answered when Erica goes live in the Facebook Group or by video uploaded in the group and/or YouTube.
  • *Send in all your questions by email and she will answer as many as possible.

Don’t Won’t Full Coaching or DIY course?

Book a phone or video chat
Free Yourself and Talk about whatever issue you might be dealing with

• 30 minute chat: $75
• 45 minute chat :$90
• 1 full hour chat: $110

Confident and Free

7 Powerful Steps for Living Happily, Authentically, and Unapologetically

Confident and Free Book by Erica Aker